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Our impact

Our impact

“Can we improve the world with a tiny layer the size of one atom?”

At SALD B.V., we believe whole-heartedly: yes, we can.

We have the power to transform the world with our innovative Spatial ALD technology. This thin layer, seemingly small, represents the large-scale impact we can have on sustainability, technological progress, and the future of manufacturing.

Our innovative Spatial ALD technology represents not only the promise of positive change, but also the power to accelerate the energy transition. Nano-scale precision allows us to produce thin, pinhole-free films that are crucial for the development of green hydrogen technologies and sustainable energy storage. We are proud to contribute to the production of solar panels that are not only more efficient, but also more sustainable in use.

We also contribute to sustainability in other sectors, such as the packaging industry. By depositing thin, protective layers on the packaging materials, we can extend the shelf life of the fresh products. The recyclability is improved which reduces waste and contributes to a more circular economy.

Yes, we can!

Sustainable, eco-friendly innovations

Through our patented processor head, we can not only reduce production costs and promote efficiency, but also pave the way for sustainable, eco-friendly innovations in the energy industry. Every layer we deploy contributes to creating more efficient electrolytic cells for hydrogen production and advanced battery systems for energy storage. With Spatial Atomic Layer Deposition (sALD), we can optimize both solar energy and hydrogen production, allowing us to build a more sustainable energy infrastructure.

At SALD B.V., we are not just refining technologies; we are transforming the way energy is produced, stored, and used. Find out how we are improving the world, one atom at a time, and speeding up towards a sustainable future.

Are you ready to explore new opportunities together? We are!

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