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Our mission

Our mission

What is our mission?

At SALD B.V., the driving force is clear: advancing sustainable innovation worldwide through the cutting-edge use of Spatial Atomic Layer Deposition (ALD). This cutting-edge technology is not just part of what we do; it is what we do.

With Spatial ALD at our core, we are working to accelerate the energy transition and make sustainable solutions more accessible to industries around the world.

“Can you improve the world with a very thin layer the size of one atom?” At SALD B.V., we believe wholeheartedly: yes, we can! We have the power to transform the world with our innovative Spatial ALD technology. This thin layer, seemingly small, represents the large-scale impact we can have on sustainability, technological progress, and the future of manufacturing.

Our vision is a future where our technology is central to enabling eco-friendly innovations, from solar energy, packaging, and electronics to new forms of energy storage. Spatial ALD’s unique features enable us to deliver precision and quality at the atomic level, leading to more efficient products and processes with lower environmental impact.

Every day, we rise to the challenge of improving our planet. We do this by exploring, developing, integrating and, most important of all, doing it together – with our team, partners, and customers. Welcome to SALD B.V., where expertise and collaboration come together for the success of sustainable technological progress.

Are you ready to explore new opportunities together? We are!

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