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Our current openings

Eindhoven | Dutch | 32-40 uur

Eindhoven | Dutch | 32-40 uur

Eindhoven | Dutch | 32-40 uur

Our values

Our core values which makes SALD a great place to work

Growth opportunities

Wide opportunities for professional growth and development, with opportunities for both junior and experienced professionals to expand their skills and advance in their careers.


Continued development, with scope for exploring new ideas, technologies and methodologies to shape the future of industrial thin- film deposition techniques.

Global impact

Products and solutions with global impact, used in various sectors and contributing to innovations that transform industries worldwide.


A supportive and inclusive working environment with flexible working hours and opportunities for working from home, promoting a healthy work- life balance.


Opportunities for international collaborations and experiences, with a global network of clients and partners contributing to groundbreaking professional development.


Individuals are encouraged to collaborate and support each other to achieve their common goals.


Questions about working at SALD?

You can show your interest by contacting our HR Manager directly at and sending your curriculum vitae and motivation letter.

Yes, we offer internships. For more information to discuss opportunities, pleas contact We are open to finding a suitable internship assignment that matches your interest and development needs. (From Secondary school to university)

The recruitment process initially involves a short telephone conversation to get to know each other better. A personal interview is then scheduled on-site, during which you may meet your future manager. Depending on the position, an additional interview or walk-in day may follow.

Our secondary benefits include a pension scheme with Zwitserleven and we offer 28 days’ holiday to relax. We also provide lunch on company business, organize Friday afternoon drinks (vrijmibo) and regularly organize enjoyable team outings.

Yes, we offer opportunities for professional growth and development, where we are keen to consider your needs and interests. We aim to provide an environment where your personal development is encouraged and supported.

While flexible working is possible, some positions require on-site presence due specific tasks, like building the spatial ALD machines. We aim to strike a balance between flexibility and the need for personal interaction in the workplace.

Within our company in Eindhoven, Dutch is the working language. While we recognise the value of diversity, we prefer Dutch- speaking candidates because of communication on the work floor. However, this does not mean that non-Dutch-speaking applicants are not welcome; we encourage everyone to apply and will consider opportunities on an individual basis.

No, most positions can be filled flexibly, both full- time and part-time. We are open tot consultation to ensure suitable working arrangements.

Lonneke van Wel

HR Manager


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