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R&D System

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R&D Systems

The unique SALD R&D tool applies a nano coating with high uniformity and conformality to many types of substrates, without the need for vacuum and a protective atmosphere. In addition to the R&D tool, SALD also offers the R&D glovebox tool with a protected atmosphere. Ideal for battery development and perovskite solar cells under inert atmosphere.

SALD’s unique R&D systems offer unparalleled versatility in making nano coatings. These nano coatings can be applied to a variety of materials (substrates). Many different coatings can be realized, with the most used being aluminum oxide. But there are countless other possibilities, and more are still emerging.

Thanks to our extensive experience dating back to 2012, we have developed a unique and highly sustainable machine with patented deposition head technology that guarantees a stable deposition process and is up scalable to production platforms. The machine combines extreme durability with very low operating costs, including very low material usage. The machine is easy to operate and does not require a cleanroom.

Everything to contribute to a beautiful green future.

Unique deposition head technology

Versatile Research and Development tool

The R&D tool of SALD has unique deposition head technology, containing a unique patented design, a variable number of process slots and the possibility of an integrated plasma source.
Different layers can be processed with a deposition temperature from 25ºC – 350ºC and a thickness uniformity of less than 1%.
The substrate material can vary from glass, silicon, metal, sheets and foils, porous and non-porous substrates. The sizes can vary from A8 up to A3 (300 x 400 mm2).
The system footprint is small. The number of gas evaporators (bubblers) is flexible. The system is delivered with an abatement system to remove exhaust gases effectively and safely. A scrubber is optional.

R&D Tool with protected environment

A R&D tool with protective environment is the same as the atmospheric R&D tool, except the housing is replaced by a glovebox with an oxygen- and water vapour concentration of < 1 ppm.The environment in the glovebox is Argon or Nitrogen filled for a.o. battery development and perovskite solar cells

Curious for the R&D systems SALD and the possibilities/options? Send us a message for more information about what SALD can add to your research.

  • Flexible platform
  • Multiple precursor can be evaporated for deposition
  • Co-dosing or super-cycles for multi-material deposition
  • H2O, O3 and O2 plasma possible
  • Different substrates possible

Why our R&D System?

What makes our R&D System the best choice

Improved functionality

The system is compatible with a large variety of substrates. Different precursors can be used at the same time. Many options are available, also as upgrades when the system is installed at your site.

Maximum throughput

The deposition process on our R&D tools can be evaluated on high speeds, guaranteeing a maximum throughput in high-volume production.


The deposition process on our R&D tools can be optimized on material consumption and energy consumption, to ensure the lowest use of materials and energy at production capacity.

Lowest possible cost

An optimized process for material and energy consumption, a high throughput and a large area deposition ensure the lowest cost of a thin film layer per m2.

Material reduction

Especially for expensive materials, like Platina, Iridium, Ruthenium, a reduction of material usage (loading) is very important to maintain cost effective solutions.


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Curious for the R&D systems SALD  and the possibilities/options? Send us a message for more information about what SALD can add to your research.


R&D System

No. There are a lot of options which can be chosen. These depend on the research which will be done on the system. Many options can be upgraded later if the research is changed or intensified. Think of more bubblers to evaporate more materials for tertiary processes. Extra co-reactants like O3 or O2 plasma or the glovebox for an inert environment.

No. both R&D systems can be equipped with an automation which can load substrates from a cassette to the substrate table, perform the deposition and take it back to the cassette.

No, a cleanroom environment is not necessary. Due to the design of the deposition head the process is effectively shielded from the outside to get the best deposition.

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