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Scalable Spatial ALD

SALD is the only company worldwide that has the expertise to scale up Spatial ALD technology quickly and reliably to large volume production systems.

SALD Technology

What is Spatial ALD Technology?

Spatial Atomic Layer Deposition (Spatial ALD) is a form-following high-quality coating method at atomic level. Compared with conventional ALD, this ingenious technology stacks atomic layers many times faster.

Maximum throughput at the lowest possible costs, improved functionality, efficiency and sustainability, material reduction, and longer life span are some of the added values Spatial ALD brings. Our in-depth expertise in Spatial ALD technology, combined with the unique ability to transfer it fast from lab to high-volume production, offers you excellent opportunities in today’s growth markets.

Our technology
  • Maximum throughput
  • Lowest possible costs
  • Long lifespan
  • Sustainable

The differences

Temporal ALD vs Spatial ALD

Temporal ALD

  • High-quality 3D layers and suitable for porous substrates.
  • Limited deposition speed
  • Limited in maximum substrates

Spatial ALD

  • High-quality 3D layers and suitable for porous substrates.
  • 100 times faster deposition speed than conventional ALD by our spatial technology in combination with proprietary plasma enhanced deposition
  • Scalable to large areas & flexible substrates
  • Industrially proven, cost-efficient mass production.

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