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Barrier improvement factor of 35.000x achievable

SALD Technology

Barriers and packaging

At SALD, we understand the crucial role that barriers play in various sectors of encapsulation and packaging, from food to medicine and health technology. That is why we have applied our advanced Spatial Atomic Layer Deposition (Spatial ALD) technology to enhance the performance and sustainability of packaging.

Improved shelf life

Traditional packaging can limit the shelf life of products by insufficient protection against oxygen and moisture. With Spatial ALD coatings, packaging can be made airtight fast and efficient, extending the shelf life of products, and reducing waste.

Cost savings

Extended product shelf life allows manufacturers to save costs by reducing wastage and minimising returns due to spoiled products. The thin Spatial ALD layers lead to lower material costs, reduced waste, and easier recycling. Due to the low deposition temperature, even compostable polymers can be coated with excellent barriers!

Barrier qualities

By applying a barrier coating, SALD can upgrade a packaging product. The water barrier quality can be improved up to a factor of 300x and 35,000x, respectively, with a thin Al2O3 coating on PET Melinex 401 or PEN Teonex Q65 substrates (at 23°C and 85% RH). On PEN substrates, we thereby achieved an extremely low water vapour transmission rate.

Roll-to-Roll deposition

Spatial ALD is possible as a roll-to-roll application. The advantage of our Spatial ALD technology is that coating is done at atmospheric pressure with only a small footprint. And still can deal with the high demands of the packaging industry as we can uniformly coat at speeds of over 90 metres per minute on wide substrates.

Collaboration for innovation

At SALD, we strive to collaborate with producers and manufacturers to develop innovative packaging solutions that meet the highest standards of performance, sustainability, and cost efficiency. In doing so, we work with many partners, including Coatema GmbH, to accelerate our Roll-to-Roll development.

  • Excellent barriers (Barrier improvement factor of 35.000x)
  • Roll-to-Roll compatibility
  • Atmospheric process
  • Low temperature deposition (<75°C)
  • Uniform coating
  • Low material usage

YES! On PEN foils we have shown that a Al2O3 coating can give a barrier improvement factor of 35.000x when put to the test at 23°C with 85%RH. This enabled an extremely low water vapour transmission rate of 2×10-5 grams per square metre per day.

We are proud to say that our Spatial ALD technology is Roll-to-Roll compatible with wide deposition widths and line speeds of over 90 meters per minute, meeting the stringent requirements of Roll-to-Roll production.

The substrate is of critical importance to obtain a good barrier by Spatial ALD. Pinhole defects (macro-defects >1 nm) could cause unhindered transport of water. Curious if your product is suitable for Spatial ALD? Feel free to reach out, we can test our technology on your product!

Thanx to the low deposition temperature that can be used with Spatial ALD many compostable films can be coated to obtain excellent barriers.

Pieter van der Marel

Tech Sales and Business Development

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The differences

Temporal ALD vs Spatial ALD

Temporal ALD

  • High-quality 3D layers and suitable for porous substrates.
  • Limited deposition speed
  • Limited in maximum substrates

Spatial ALD

  • High-quality 3D layers and suitable for porous substrates.
  • 100 times faster deposition speed than conventional ALD by our spatial technology in combination with proprietary plasma enhanced deposition
  • Scalable to large areas & flexible substrates
  • Industrially proven, cost-efficient mass production.


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Lowest possible costs

Improved material reduction

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