Advisory board at SALD, the innovator in Spatial ALDĀ 

Entirely in line with the culture and philosophy of SALD B.V. In order to cooperate, where possible, with other high-tech companies such as TNO, VDL -ETG, NTS, KMWE etc., SALD B.V. appointed an advisory board, headed by Professor Erwin Kessels of the Faculty of Applied Physics at Eindhoven University of Technology (TU / e). Frank Verhage, CEO and founder of SALD B.V., is grateful that this team has expressed its willingness to support SALD to establish new connections and contacts worldwide through their extensive network. The advisory board will act as a sounding board, mirror but above all act as an ambassador. Their global contacts and insights will also advise and assist the management team from their diverse backgrounds to sharpen their minds and make SALD activities more closely aligned with the needs of our stakeholders. Below you will find more information about the members of the SALD Advisory Council.

ERWIN KESSELS received his M.Sc. and Ph.D. diploma (cum laude) in Applied Physics at the TU / e. His doctoral work, partially conducted at the University of California Santa Barbara, was a study of the plasma deposition process of silicon films. Since 2011 he heads the Plasma & Materials Processing group (40+ group members). He is also scientific director of the cleanroom facilities of NanoLab @ TU / e.

JOHN NIEMEIJER studied Dutch Language & Literature, Mass Media, Audiovisual Communication and Marketing. He worked as Marketing Manager at Dirk van den Broek Supermarkten and as Deputy Director at Elephant Industries. He then founded The Brandhouse, with which he gave many companies and institutions a new impetus in their market approach.

PETER VISSER studied Industrial Engineering and Management and worked as Manager Open Innovation at Philips Lighting, Business Development Manager at the Dutch Institute for Technology, Safety & Security and as Program Manager High Tech Industry at the Brabant Development Company. He then founded InnoVisser, which supports high-tech organizations with subsidies and fundraising.

WERNER VERVEST studied Accountancy and Administration and worked as an Accountant at Deloitte and as Financial Controller at the European Association of Endoscopic Surgery. He then founded Vervest Financial Services, with which he, as a financial-economic expert, supports directors and management in the management and control of the organization.

Background information SALD, the innovator in Spatial ALD technology

Atomic Layer Deposition (ALD) is a technology that places very thin, conformal layers on a material, which greatly improves the properties of that material. This technology is best known for the production of computer chips. The downside is that it works slowly; each layer takes a relatively long time. In 2008 TNO scientists developed a brilliant solution for this: Spatial ALD. With this new technology TNO was able to increase the production speed 5 to 10 times, while the coating quality remained the same.

This led to the founding of SoLayTec, which developed and sold advanced Spatial ALD machines for the mass production of solar panels. The deep expertise in Spatial ALD technology, combined with the unique ability to move it from lab to fab, offers great opportunities in growth markets such as batteries for electric cars. That is why, in addition to SoLayTec, a new company was founded with the ambition to be at the forefront of promising new applications of Spatial ALD. The chosen name is the worldwide abbreviation for this innovative technology: SALD.

In all Spatial ALD growth markets, maximum throughput at the lowest possible cost is essential for success. SALD has developed a unique technology that makes this possible, which is protected by several patents. This technology is incorporated into a compact machine that can be used for both research and small-scale production. It does not matter what material it is: battery, solar panel, OLED or foil. In addition, SALD is the only company in the world that has the expertise to subsequently scale up the Spatial ALD technology quickly and reliably to high-volume production.

More information: Lonneke van Wel, Communications Manager SALD B.V., +31 (0) 40 23 80 500.