Unique protected technology - maximum throughput at lowest costs

In all growth markets, maximum throughput at the lowest possible costs is essential for success. SALD has developed a unique technology that makes this possible, which is protected by several patents. This technology has been incorporated into a compact machine that can be used for research as well as for small-scale production. It does not matter which material is involved: battery, solar panel, OLED or foil. Moreover, SALD is the only company in the world that has the expertise to subsequently quickly and reliably upscale the Spatial ALD technology to high volume production.

How Spatial ALD works

In Spatial ALD (SALD) precursors are continuously supplied in different locations and kept apart by an inert gas region or zone. Film growth is achieved by exposing the substrate to the locations containing the different precursors. The process is very fast and compatible with fast-throughput techniques such as roll-to-roll (R2R), and is versatile and cheap to scale up. In addition, one of the main assets of SALD is that it can be performed at ambient pressure and even in the open air, while not compromising the deposition rate.